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    How to simplify your pet's messy eating habit?

    How to simplify your pet's messy eating habit?

    Here are our ways to prevent spills & mess when it comes to feeding our furry friends 💡

    First off, every pet has their own unique personality which can bring joy or perhaps even occasional frustration. Nonetheless, their favourite time of the day a.k.a feeding time is an enjoyable moment of the day. Who can blame them? It's ours too! But let's skip to the part where mistakes happens inevitably at any given time of a delicious meal moment - here comes jumpy, excited, messy or clumsy mood! And there goes more cleaning after all. Next line continues under the video for more read....

    Well here it is! Easy to use and supportive structure, enables a good hold of the bowl preventing minimal to no movement at all. We hope you are amazed how simple this design is yet so useful. We are proud to announce that we designed and handcrafted these stands to its finest. There were a few trial and error along the way before it was successfully produced, but it's finally achieved! 

    New Zealand pine wood attracted our choice to begin working with for its beautiful texture. We designed the stand to interlock for firm support. 

    More content to be continued.....

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